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Anderson, SC  29621

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Kuk Sool Wonof theUpstate

Traditional Korean Martial Arts Association                Tradition   Family   Fun

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About Our School

Kuk Sool Won of the Upstate has been teaching continuously in the Upstate SC area for over 30 years...
  • Ask about our free trial class!!
  • falling and gymnastics
  • traditional Korean forms
  • Traditional Korean Weapons
  • Energy and fitness techniques
  • ANd Much More!!

ALL Traditional Martial Arts Technique in a single system!

  • Striking and Kicking
  • throwing and grappling
  • joint-locking and pressure points
  • Animal style techniques

Each of our Black Belt instructors has multiple years of experience in Kuk Sool Won (with most having previous backgrounds in other martial arts styles, as well), and all have been personally trained by the Regional Head Master, 7th Degree Black Belt Daniel Middleton...